As a young mum you need to know that your baby needs a special care due to the fact that his immune system is not very strong and his health is quite fragile. Are you aware of the health problems that your little bundle of joy could deal with in the future? If not, then you should take a look at the following common health issues seen in babies.

Respiratory problems

Your baby might have respiratory problems caused by an unclean indoor air. If the air in your home is not clean, and it is full of contaminants, then the little one will certainly find quite hard to breathe and this will affect his sleep as well. Therefore, what you can do in order to make your baby feel very relaxed and breathe with ease, is to get an air purifier. With a quality device like this, the indoor air will be very fresh at all times, and most of all extremely clean. Furthermore, you need to know that mold is also very dangerous and it can create not only a discomfort but serious health problems as well. For avoiding such unpleasant situations it is very important that you have a dehumidifier as well in your house. This device will keep the humidity level under control, so that the environment can be a healthy and comfortable one at all times.

Skin irritations

The skin irritations can appear due to many reasons, including an unclean indoor air as well. As mentioned earlier, mold is without a doubt very dangerous, especially for babies who have a very sensitive skin and a weak immune system as well. Skin irritations can also be caused by unclean or rough sheets or clothes. Therefore, you must be very careful when you do your baby’s laundry. Keep in mind to use only products that are especially designed for babies. The fabric conditioner must definitely be in the same category. Furthermore, you need to make sure you use baby skin care products as well. Do not forget to iron all the clothes very well, in order to disinfect them. Do the same with the sheets as well. All these details are very important for protecting the skin of your little bundle of joy.


Nosebleed is one of the most common health issues seen in babies. The main cause is a too dry indoor air. The air in your home can become very dry in the wintertime, due to the fact that it is very warm indoors, and this can cause nosebleeds to your baby. What you can do in order to avoid a situation like this is to go for a humidifier. Get a device like this and place it in your home, in order to add the necessary humidity to the indoor air.